Vaad Hayeshivos Travel Alert to Avoid Arrest


The Vaad Hayeshivos sent out guidance for Israeli bochurim wishing to travel out of Eretz Yisroel during Chanuka vacation. Abiding by these guidelines will help avoid many uncomfortable situations arising from bochurim irresponsibly losing their “Toraso Umnaso” status with the Israeli Military.

Firstly to be aware that, any bochur that loses his “Toraso Umnaso” status harms not only himself, but others as well.

Leaving Israel is only permitted during bein hazmanim and seven additional days annually, barring emergency situations.

Requests to leave the country should be accompanied by a letter from one’s Rosh Yeshiva certifying that you are allowed to leave and that you will be maintaining your place in yeshiva.

This letter was sent to all yeshivos and the Vaad Hayeshivos representative within every yeshiva to assure that proper awareness is spread.