US Training For Possible North Korea Invasion


The military option to prevent North Korea from becoming a nuclear state is apparently not ‘off the table’.

Earlier in December, a US military unit known as “The Black Jack Brigade”, trained alongside South Korean soldiers in a military exercise designed to simulate “infiltrating” and “removing weapons of mass destruction.”

Images obtained from the training show soldiers wearing night vision equipment and wearing full armored clothing and protective face gear. The training included simulated evacuations of wounded soldiers and capture of enemy combatants.

John Bolton, former US ambassador to the United Nations remarked “We’re either going to have to kind of play it using military force, or accept that North Korea will be the nuclear arms sale center of the world – to Iran, to terrorist groups, to other third-world countries that have nuclear aspirations.”

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has reiterated time and again that America’s goal is to ensure North Korea does not become a Nuclear State. He has also mentioned that there are four “No’s” regarding North Korea. “We are not seeking the collapse of the North Korean regime. We are not seeking regime change. We are not seeking the accelerated reunification of the Korean Peninsula. And we are not seeking an excuse to send our military north of the border with South Korea.”

The main goal of any military operation would be securing nuclear weapons and ensuring that none of the developed weapons nor those in the process fall into the hands of people who would use for nefarious purposes. The maneuver will involve crossing the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) also known as the 38th parallel.

North Korea’s ambassador addressed the UN Security Council and stated that North Koreas pursuit of nuclear weapons was a direct result of ‘nuclear blackmail’ from the US.
Former American ambassador to the UN, John Bolton dismissed that speech as propaganda.