Sephardic Pride rises in Lakewood – Khal Bnei Torah Chanukat Habayit


Lakewood, New Jersey is best known for the yeshiva it hosts, Beth Medrash Govoha, whose student body makes up a significant portion of the towns population. To the outside world broad stripes of white and black make up the town, Jew and Gentile, citizen and immigrant.

Cosmopolitan, is not the usual word used to describe Lakewoods population, yet it is an accurate description.

In the hallowed botei medrash of the yeshiva, the proverbial “American Melting Pot” flourishes, Ashkenazim, Sephardim and Chasidim all join in one to learn Hashem’s Torah. In any Chaburah you will find a kaleidoscope of backgrounds being unnoticed and irrelevant, fading into the background of Talmudic give and take.

Outside of the Bais Hamedrash is where you can find the hues of difference shining a little brighter. Individual communities of common background continue to expand as they experience unbelievable blessed growth.

Lakewood’s Sephardic Community is almost ready to inaugurate it’s latest edifice in the capitol of the Torah Empire. Khal Bnei Torah will be moving to it’s new home on Sunday December 31st.

Khal Bnei Torah is another proud link in the chain of Mesrorat Hatorah in the Syrian tradition. The tefilot sung in their traditional chants transport you back to Aram Soba in all of it’s beauty.

As it’s name signifies, Khal Bnei Torah is a community of Bnei Torah, and this new Shul is expected to be a great center for Torah and Tefilah once it is ensconced in it’s new spacious Home at 304 Monmouth Avenue.