Record Number of Fatalities in Lakewood


Lakewood, NJ – As of Monday, there were 16 pedestrian fatalities in Lakewood during 2017. This is a sharp increase from the four deaths in 2016, and the five in 2015.

Unfortunately, the Jewish community has not been spared either. In August, three year old Hadassa Krohn was killed after she rode her bike into the path of an oncoming truck on Seventh Street.

On June 6th, R’ Shmuel Koplowitz was seriously injured by a motorist who did not see him crossing at an intersection at night. R’ Shmuel was niftar last week from complications from his injuries.

It behooves all motorists and pedestrians alike to take proper care when driving and walking. Drivers need to drive at the proper speeds and pedestrians must wear reflectors at night and cross only at marked intersections.