Recaptured North Korean Scientist Commits Suicide


A scientist from North Korea who had defected to China, committed suicide shortly after being recaptured and returned to solitary confinement in North Korea.

The defector had worked at the State Academy of Sciences in Pyongyang. He had taken several days off work complaining of ‘anxiety related to his research.’ During his vacation, he visited some relatives on the Northern border, near China. He was not carrying travel documents. When he did not return to work after his leave was up, the authorities started a search for him, the man slipped through the border into China.

When he was caught in Shenyang in early November, he was deported back to North Korea. It is unclear why the scientist did not disclose his identity and job description to Chinese officials, as they would have been undeniably thrilled to question him and provide asylum.
When the 50 year old scientist was returned to North Korea, he was placed in solitary confinement. Prior to being questioned, he took some poison that he had and died in prison. It is still a mystery how he obtained the vial, as he was thoroughly searched several times before being placed in confinement.