Qatar: Jewish mission to improve ties with the Muslim country


Three major Jewish leaders, Malcolm Hoenlein of the Conference of Presidents, Rabbi Menachem Genack of the Orthodox Union and Martin Oliner of the Religious Zionists of America, have recently visited Doha, the capital of Qatar, according to a news article.

This comes following reports that Qatar has paid a large sum of money to hire a Jewish-owned Washington PR and lobbying firm to make inroads in the Jewish community, and propagate a different image of itself and an ally of the United States.

  • Nick Muzin, whose firm ‘Stonington Strategies’ works on behalf of Qatar, according to media reports, said improved ties between US Jews and the emirate is in the Jewish community’s “best interest.”

A recent wave of criticism followed the Zionist Organization of America’s mort Klein’s decision to host Steve Bannon as a speaker in its annual gala. During his speech, Bannon identified Turkey, Qatar and Iran as the primary threats in the Middle East, especially because of their hostility toward Israel.

While he spoke, there were Jewish leaders in the audience who had just returned from a visit to the emir of Qatar, according to Boteach.