Putin Mocks American Espionage Mania


Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that his US counterpart Donald Trump had made some “fairly serious achievements” since he took office and derided what he called the “espionage mania” surrounding meetings held by Trump associates with Russian officials.

Asked for his assessment of Trump’s first year in office during his annual end-of-year press conference in Moscow, Putin said that “objectively we can see a number of fairly serious achievements over the short period he’s been working.”

Putin also dismissed the US investigations into potential collusion, saying it was normal practice for governments to meet with officials from other election campaigns as well as governments. He said the issue had been “dreamed up” by Trump’s opponents in an effort to discredit him.
“It’s delirium, it’s madness,” he said. “This is all dreamed up by people who are in the opposition to Trump so as to make sure that everyone thinks that what he’s doing and working at is illegitimate.”
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