Newsweek Lambasted for Deliberately Misleading Headline


When President Trump criticizes the media for ‘fake news’ he’s onto something. Yesterday, Newsweek published a headline that was deliberately misleading, leading some to suggest that it was only created as ‘click bait’.

Newsweek’s headline, “Melania Trump orders removal of the near-200-year-old tree from the White House,” seems to make the First Lady into a tree hater. Yet, while the tree-planted by President Jackson nearly 200 years ago – will be removed, and was ordered to be removed by the First Lady, the reasoning was simple; it is in danger of falling. Experts have examined the tree on an ongoing basis and although it was protected by cables, the cables are no longer proving sturdy enough to prevent the fall of the massive magnolia tree.

“Newsweek’s bias and disdain for the First Lady and our administration was on full display when they actively chose to use a false headline instead of practicing responsible journalism. This is why Americans’ trust and confidence in mass media continues to fall.” Melania Trump Communications Director Stephanie Grisham told Fox News.

Newsweek apparently has a bad habit of misrepresenting the news. The magazine has admitted to more than 20 corrections in 2017 and over 50 errors in 2016. It has even gotten to the point where they have a designated webpage set up to correct their own mistakes.