New ISIS Video Aimed At Sowing Seeds Of Terror


In a newly released propaganda video, ISIS claims that it has successfully hacked the Us Army and State Departments. ISIS further claims that now that they are in possession of personal information belonging to members of the State Department, they will be sending assassins to employees homes to attack and maim. The video declares “‘Muslims will return to being masters of the world and kings of the earth.”

The video, released by the ISIS group Islamic Ghosts of the Caliphate, shows maimed and wounded children from Syria and promises revenge, “The Islamic State did not start the war against you and you will pay a great price as your sons will return to you as amputees or in coffins.”

The video continues: “You will pay a price as you walk along your streets fearing Muslims. We will attack your homeland – you will not even feel secure in your bedrooms…We have sent the information to our lone wolves to assassinate you and to increase frequent jihadist operations against you.’

The video then goes on to list the names and addresses of the employees from information that was hacked. While the names do not belong to members of the State Department, they do appear to come from some lower security websites such as the Geological Society of Nevada and the National Caves Association.

Evidently, the names and addresses were released in an effort to sow seeds of terror.
At the end of the video, the group declares their next hacking target will be Russia.