Mormons Posthumously Baptizing Holocaust Victims


Salt Lake City- Recent discoveries show that Mormons are making a concerted effort to baptize all of humanity to help get non-Mormons out of “spirit prison” in the next world and receive exaltation. These baptisms, take place via proxy and are a result of core church teachings, namely that families spend eternity together, but to do so, one needs to be baptized first. These baptisms do not automatically convert dead people to Mormonism. Under church teachings, the rituals provide the deceased a choice in the afterlife to accept or reject the offer of baptism.

Under Mormon Church rules, any ancestor can be baptized, regardless of the deceased person’s religion. In a proxy baptism, a member is escorted to a decorative baptismal font resting on statutes of 12 oxen. An adult or older teen male reads a short prayer, and the member — representing the dead relative — is immersed in water.

Each baptism is recorded in the database. This database has hundreds of thousands of names, so that members can potentially search for relatives. Many famous and prominent people have been baptized via proxy, often posthumously. The list includes, Queen Victoria, Anne Frank, U.S. politicians Joe Biden, John McCain and Mike Pence. Notably, none of these people were of the Mormon faith. There have been multiple efforts to baptize Simon Wiesenthal, noted Nazi hunter and holocaust survivor. The posthumous baptizing of Holocaust victims reopens Jewish wounds from being forced in the past to convert to Christianity or face death or deportation.

The Church is aware of the issue and has done much to stop the unwanted baptisms by creating strong security systems in its database of Mormons and baptism records. In recent years, it has implemented additional safeguards, including adding four full-time staffers who watch the database and block baptisms on restricted names, he said. However, it is not enough as many people have been baptized-often without even being aware of it.