Menorah Determined to be Cause of Brooklyn Fire


Brooklyn, NY – The fire that claimed the lives of Aliza Azzan and her three children, r”l Moshe, 11, z”l; Yitzchak, 7, z”l; and Henrietta, 3, a”h, has been confirmed to have been started from the oil menorah. The father, Mr. Yossi Azan, and children Shilat, 16, and Daniel, 15, remain in critical condition. It has also been determined that there were working smoke detectors at the time.

Mrs. Azan, a”h, was the daughter of ybl”c, Harav Avraham Hamra, shlita, who served as the last chief rabbi of Damascus, from 1976-1994, when he immigrated to Israel. He is currently a rav in Holon.

Yeshiva Ateret Torah, where the Azan children attended, is the same school attended by the Sassoon family. The school is closed for its Chanukah break until Wednesday, but Chai Lifeline is preparing programs to help classmates and others in the school cope with the situation. In addition, Chai Lifeline added extra staff to its 24-hour crisis hotline to handle additional calls coming in from distressed members of the community.

All are asked to continue to daven for Yosef ben Ahuva Masuda, Shilat bas Louza Aliza, Daniel ben Louza Aliza and Avraham ben Louza Aliza.