Liberals Slowly Begin To Admit, Trump Doing Great Things

(Credit - Drudge)

Over the last year, the constant news stream from the media has been that Trump is in over his head and that he has no way of making a positive impact for Americans. The media stayed very focused on Trump’s twitter wars and often commented that this was the Presidents focus too, instead of on running the country. As the end of 2017 approaches, many liberals are starting to slowly come to the realization that Trump has not been asleep at the wheel.

Yesterday’s passage of the tax law was a huge undertaking, something that has not been done since 1986. And the president was the one who turned it into reality. Today, Democrats are having a hard time explaining why they refused to support the bill and that can hurt them in the long run too, as we come to see the positive effects of the Republican legislation.

Democrats are slowly coming to learn that the record breaking DOW + 25,000 did not occur in a vacuum and investors are heavily broadcasting the positivity they feel for the American economy and the direction that Trump is taking in leading the country.
In addition, the President’s policies on energy have reduced the import from foreign countries down to only 1/3 of the nation’s needs. A very impressive margin indeed. Key-stone pipeline will further reduce that amount.

In addition, although President Trump struggled to pass a law repealing Obamacare, the new legislation passed yesterday effectively does just that. It cancels the ordinance requiring people to purchase insurance, (labeled a tax by the Supreme Court) as long as people are healthy, they will see no reason to purchase insurance on the exchange and Obamacare’s collapse is almost inevitable. What makes this so appealing to Republicans is that this was not passed as an executive order that a future Democratic president can just re-sign into law. Rather to re-enact Obamacare, it will need to go through both the House and the Senate- something that is far more difficult.

In foreign policy, the President has much to boast about. He has succeeded in quietly returning Americans home, as reported yesterday. A much larger success that has almost gone unnoticed in the liberal media, has been the near decimation of ISIS. The group has been kicked out of their stronghold in Iraq, and is struggling to survive. Not dead yet, but far weaker ever since Trump took office.

The narrative is beginning to change and the media are reluctantly starting to acknowledge that his presidency is having a significant impact.