History Being Erased In Memphis

Photo by David Johnson

The city council in Memphis voted to sell two of the city owned parks to a private company. These two parks, Health Sciences and Fourth Bluff Parks were famous due to the Confederate statues located there. Yesterday, the same day of the vote, crews were seen removing the statues.

Mayor Jim Strickland confirmed on twitter that both Health Sciences and Fourth Bluff Parks “have been sold. Operations on those sites tonight are being conducted by a private entity and are compliant with state law.”

Council member Janis Fullilove told the newspaper it was a “crazy, crazy, crazy night…It’s really going down in history that this is the night they are going to take the statues down,” Fullilove said. “It’s a historic moment.”

The two statues were those of Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Confederate Army general, and Confederate President Jefferson Davis.