Critical Instances Training Being Conducted by Secret Service


Secret Service agents conducted a training exercise on the White House grounds on Friday designed to train agents to respond to “potential critical incidents” on the facility’s grounds.

A press release from the agency described Friday’s exercise as a “dynamic training exercise” that took place early in the morning.

“Today’s training exercise offered participants the opportunity to deal with potential critical incidents they could encounter at the White House and how to respond accordingly,” reads the agency’s press release.

“During the exercise, the Secret Service reviewed command, control and communication procedures, response force coordination and effectiveness and other security measures.”

Secret Service Director Randolph Alles added that the agency must constantly train to keep up with evolving tactics and technology.

“The Secret Service is bound to the unique no fail mission of protecting the White House,” said Alles in a statement. “The worldwide threat environment is real. These threats require us to constantly train so that we can evolve with the trends and tactics of our adversaries.”

The Secret Service has been the subject of criticism after a number of high-profile incidents, including a White House fence jumper who was on the ground for 15 minutes in March.

The Hill