Beth Medrash Govoha patron salutes Kollel yungeleit


“Mazal Tov! May the new couple be zoche to build a bayis neeman biyisroel.” That was the blessing on the lips of hundreds and hundreds of yungeleit learning in Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, upon hearing of the marriage of Reb Moshe Kalter’s daughter.

People get married every day in Lakewood’s many wedding halls, so what made this wedding unique?

Many baalei batim and philanthropists when making a simcha feel a need to make their simcha memorable, they need it to stand out in some way. This has led to material extravagance being expressed in unprecedented ways at yiddishe simchas.

Moshe Kalter or rather Reb Moshe Kalter is unique amongst baalei batim and is in a league of his own. Reb Moshe Kalter turned his child’s simcha into a one of a kind demonstration of kavod Hatorah!

Each and every yungerman on BMG’s kollel payroll received a check, that’s been done before. Each and every yungerman received a check based on seniority, years learned in yeshiva, that’s a first.

The feelings of appreciation expressed by the yungerleit were overwhelming, as one yungerman pointed out “I’ve been sitting in my seat learning for more than ten years, nobody before has acknowledged me in this manner before”. This sentiment was expressed by many yungeleit feeling the same way.

Reb Moshe Kalter has raised the bar in expressing kavod Hatorah to kollel yungeleit who are the backbone of Klal Yisroel, Yasher Koach to him. May him and his family celebrate many more simchos and may others follow his wise example.