Azan Family Fire Victims Tragedy to be Flown to Israel for Burial


The levaya for four members of the Azan family, Moshe 11, Yitzchak 7, Harriet 3 and their mother Aliza 39, will take place tonight at 6 PM at Beit Knesset Sheves Achim on, Avenue T and East 7th.

The family was victims to fast-moving house fire that began at Two AM Monday morning. The cause of the fire has yet to be determined with the possibility of the Menorah being the cause currently under investigation.

Please continue to say Tehillim for the survivors of the fire, some who are in critical condition: Shilat bas Louzza Aliza (16) Daniel ben Louzza Aliza (15) Avraham ben Louzza Aliza (13) and the father, Yosef ben Ahuva Masouda.

This tragedy has the entire community reeling in pain, as it was host to the Sassoon Family fire tragedy as well r”l.

May we share Bsoros Tovos.