An Open Letter To President Trump


President Donald J. Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW;
Washington, DC 20500.

Dear Mr. President,

Yesterday was a great day for Americans. It is one that will go down in history as a momentous occasion, and will be referred to time and again. While we salute the passage of the tax legislation and its overall achievement aimed at bettering the lives of Americans and bringing manufacturing jobs back to America, that is only minor compared to what else occurred.

Yesterday, the White House, with you, President Trump at the helm, reassured Americans everywhere that there is justice. You commuted the harsh sentence of Shalom Mordechai Rubashkin, a man who was sentenced to 27 years in prison. Over the last eight years of his imprisonment, many senators and congressman have sent letters appealing on his behalf and asking for leniency based on the true merits of his case. These pleas fell on deaf ears, until you were able to take action.

Mr. President, the American public has consistently been ratified as they heard you speak on the campaign trail and later on in office. You do not speak with the political correctness that is killing our country in bending over backward to make sure no one gets hurt or insulted. Rather, you speak the truth and you fight for what is right. This honorable trait is what allowed you to see the absurdity in Mr. Rubashkin’s severe sentence and to work to correct it. The American people salute you for your courage, your faith and your ability to consistently do the right thing, even when it is unpopular.

God bless you and your family, and God bless America!

Yosefa Zilber