Indian hair shaitel? Shaitel laboratory will inspect!


In recent months, professionals working in sheitel industry, as well as Rabbanim who have researched the subject, have gathered at the Beis Din of Rabbi Nissim Karelitz of Bnei Brak and presented the data indicating that there seems to be an issue that a big percentage of human hair for shaitels indeed do originate from india.

After the lengthy hearings and deliberations, the beis din issued a letter in which they address the issue in detail. In addition, the Beis din clarifies that in order to prevent the fear of a ‘Issur’, a laboratory will be established in the near future to examine the wigs so people can rest assured that they are not wearing a shaitel that’s assur due to it being Avodah Zarah.

In addition, the Beis Din opens its letter with a clear statement that the opinion of Maran Chazon Ish was that a shaitel is considered a head covering for married women even Lekatchila, which will not to allow those that traditionally opposed to covering the head by wigs to use this as a tool in their campaign.

Source Kikar Hashabbat